About Us

SafeFace has been developed by an industry leading textile service organisation with the sole purpose of combating the Coronavirus pandemic and keep its users safe. Hence the name 'SafeFace'.

With an extensive experience in textiles, we are well positioned to accomplish our mission, which is; to protect the people we love, and make them safe. 

Our management team has experience of rapidly scaling organisations to cater for current demands. Our products are manufactured in Wales, UK to ensure local communities are supported through this unprecedented time. 

Our Eco values are truly evidenced in our SafeFace masks as we re-purpose textiles that would have resulted in landfill. 

Our masks are built to last. Creating sustainability for the future. 

Our efforts are reducing landfill waste by reducing the need for disposable masks and at the same time reducing the strain on the health system by providing an alternative solution to the wider general market.